If a man left why would he ask to come back?

my boyfriend got up one day and decided he was going to pack up everything and leave but called the next day and asked if he could come back and I said no and now he is accusing me of cheating on him and all kinds of stuff wht should I do. we have been together 3 years and this has never happened but I'm tired of being treated like this.


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  • You say that this has never happened before but you're tired of being treated like this. Are these two different things? Are you tired of other ways he's treated you?

    It's understandable that he would be upset when you told him no. It's unacceptable that he would accuse you of cheating or otherwise abuse you for it. He was the one who walked out, not you. He is obligated to prove to you that he deserves to be allowed to return. He is treating you as if you walked out on him and you should make ammends. If you do accept him back, you shouldn't do so on his terms or you will be telling him that it is all right to mistreat you. Decide what terms you will accept for him to return, if any, and stick to them. If he refuses, you are probably better off for it. It is better to be single than mistreated.


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