I broke up with my boyfriend, we got back together, now he's giving me the cold shoulder.

And now he's giving me the cold shoulder after I said sorry and wanted to get back together the next day but he didn't message me until 3 days later when he said he'll give me another chanceBUT WHY IS HE STILL GIVING ME THE COLD SHOULDER LIKE HE doesn't CARE ANYMORE ?


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  • Why did you two break up?

    • Because I told him I wasn't happy long story short I felt like the guy in the relationship

    • Well, you were honest. That's good. But now he's probably feeling a bit of sting. No guy likes it when his girl says she feels like the man in the relationship (unless they"re into that). He does still care; he's probably just trying to be more manly. And since he really doesn't know how to go about it, he thinks that this is the way to act.

    • Ok thank you I think I understand now

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