How do I get over the ex girlfriend?

I'm having a hard time dealing with an ex girlfriend. I find myself obsessing and going to great lengths to see her and find out about what she and my current boyfriend were doing and saying when they were together, what their engagement was like, where were they honeymooning, etc. Should I bless or curse Facebook lol! I look back at their conversations and pictures and see where they put all their fairy tale talk out there. She's very pretty and also they got engaged after a short 7 months. I guess a lot of me wonders what made her so special and worthy of a proposal. What did she have or do that that made him feel the way he did. I wonder about their r'ship, think about their sexlife, obsess about way too much to the point I get pissed at my boyfriend. He has talked about marrying me too so I feel sometimes I'm just another girl. I hate the ex girlfriend. Hate she had such a deep part of him. And I live in the house she was in also so I picture her in it all time. Finding her stuff, their sex things, and other items doesn't help w my craziness. How do I make it stop?


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  • this was confusing I thought you were saying your ex girlfriend married your current boyfriend (first two sentences) but I am correct in understanding it's an ex girl friend (platonic) and you ex boyfriend?

    anyway. it's going to be tough to get over. I think the best thing to do is just find distractions and things to do. lean on other friends and family to help reaffirm your self worth. and just avoid avoid avoid the fb "stalking" as it really will only cause you more pain than help. it's going to be a process but as the saying goes 'what will be will be'. for whatever reason those two are together it doesn't mean anything about you and everything about the two of them.

    • No...I'm sorry it was confusing. It's my current boyfriend and his ex before me. I don't know the girl.

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