Ex boyfriend possibly coming back or no? Please answer, I am losing sleep and going crazy.

Well my boyfriend broke up with me it's been a little over a week. He hates being single it drives him crazy. Well he's been flirting hard core with me. He even gave compliments on my body. But he told me last night that he was head over heels then one day he woke up and decided he didn't want a girlfriend or wanted to talk to people. f*** the world and everyone in it. The the next day he wanted to be around everyone. He said he wants to be with me but he's unsure, so he broke up with me before he hurt me more. He's not sure what he wants on anything but he plans on going to a girls house he doesn't seem to really like to ask her parents to date. Is he going with her so he's not lonely? How long will it take to make his mind up? Will he come back I treat him like a king?


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  • hi, you sound like a decent woman, and from what you have said about him, he doesn't see what he has, I haven't had a woman in my life for so long now, and when I find one, will treat her as she should be treated.

    He should see what you're feelings are, and treat you nice, if he keeps changing his mind, just try and forget him, and find a man who deserves you.

    Good luck, hope you get what you want, and deserve.

    Bob, xxx.

    • Thank you, I hope he finds out soon there isn't many girls in our area and age that are like me. I hope he decides fast that he should go for that girl and make his mind up soon before he looses me completely.

    • Shouldn't sorry typo

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  • He may like you but he wants to keep his options open. He doesn't want to commit. Treating him "like a king" will most likely only make you look desperate, and that will probably turn him off.

    Your best bet is to give him space and let him miss you. If he decides that he wants you back in his life, believe me, he will return.

    If he doesn't, then nothing you can do will force him to change his mind. It is his choice and his choice alone.

    As the saying goes, "Never make someone a priority when they are making you an option."


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