My boyfriend doesn't want to break up with me. What should I do?

Okay we have been fighting a lot and at the end I found out that we aren't compatible any more.So I arranged a meet up to tell him the truth that I want a break up but he refused to see me for some reasons.Then I text him nicely saying we should leave because we failed to understand each other.Then he replied me saying no I don't want to leave.We are compatible.Why would a guy do this?


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  • He just doesn't want to realize reality. That or he feels like he can "change".

    Plus he didn't want to meet up, cause he probably knews this was coming, from your end. So by not seeing you, he's trying to buy time, for you to change your mind about him.

    Here's a good example for you, say he robbed a bank, and there was a warrant out for him, and he was constantly running from it, thinking that one day people will forget that he ever did that, that's what he's doing to you. You have the warrant, and he's running from the consequences.

    • He was being selfish because whenever we fight he will come and talk to me but when we are good he stopped talking to me like he will be gone for 4 days without talking to me.So I felt like he takes me for granted.I sent him another text saying we should move on starting from now.He doesn't reply at all.I don't know why would he do this.

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    • Then when he starts calling you, you can decide if you wanna talk to him, or not. This is probably the only way you will gain your power back over him.

    • We know each other for 5 days and I thought about being friends first but then he told me he wanted a relationship.So I just agreed and assumed it was going to work.I know the '5 days' sounds stupid but that's what happened here.

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  • he's in denial or just loves you a ton.

    frankly it doesn't really matter what he wants in this circumstance. If you are over the relationship and he won't meet up with you call him and tell him it's over. say you just can't continue. if he doesn't answer leave a message and then start cutting him out of your life. Just because he doesn't want to accept it doesn't mean it can't happen


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  • No, it's time. You gotta put on your big girl panties and do what's right for you. What seems right, as you're saying, is to end things. Of course, he'll get hurt and no, it won't easy. But it's not worth dragging things along any long once you realize that you guys aren't compatible and that your relationship is not worth saving. You need to tell him ''I am coming over at 8 on this day, alright?". No excuses, he can't escape reality because he's too afraid of the breakup.


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