Does my ex still want me?

Ok so my ex fiance is in the army and he's getting deployed next month for the first time were both 20. We been dating for two years and would of been three next month. But any who he had leave and I told him he should come see me but he wanted to see his family witch broke my heart..So he went home and the first week was good but as soon as he went to stay at his brothers everything went down hill I guess his brother brought over some of his former military friends and they start talking about how there relationships didn't work and it got in his head that ours wouldn't either I was so hurt that he would break up with me because of that. it's been two weeks since that happen we decided to still be friends so he always tells me he loves me but when I ask do he wants to be with me he says I don't know but then today I was telling him I want to move out my dads and I been looking for apartments then he said I gtg bye I knew he didn't have to go. But I don't know what to think anymore he says he's not talking to other girls and I'm not talking to other guys but when I ask what does he want he says he doesn't know anymore and I don't wanna sit here and wait for someone who doesn't want me. So please help


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  • Due to the work, travel, and social activities that many military personnel experience, superior will, focus, and dedication is essential to sustain a exclusive relationship. Single life in the military in an experience of itself, as it has what many guys considers perks of the job, which is perhaps the cause of your ex's skepticism. The constant temptation of "interacting" with someone new will be presented to him time and time again. If he is on the fence about committing to you only, then he does not have faith that he will do right by you while you two are apart, in my opinion.

    Perhaps I'm far in the left field. Actually, there could be a multitude of reasons for his uncertainty, such as he does not want a long distance relationship as he thinks your needs will be unmet, etc.

    Nonetheless, to come to a prompt resolution, communication is key. Express your concerns to him and demand an absolute answer and not false hope. Ask him to give it to you straight, and don't allow him small talk you or rush you off of the line. You are deserving of the truth, so don't settle for anything less.


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