Did he notice too or...?

So, I got moved in class to work with this guy. After completing the activity together, my teacher asked as to move back to the table I originally sat on because the next task involved splitting the class in 2. I sat in my original seat because I assumed he would sit next to his friend that was also round the table but he sat next to me and opposite his friend.

About half way through the task, I noticed we were sitting kinda close and our elbows were touching. I glanced quickly over at him and it looked like he was looking down, smiling slightly. I'm not sure as I looked really quickly. Neither of us moved our arms away until the lesson ended about 5 minutes later.

Do you reckon he noticed that our elbows were touching? & is it likely that he moved his closer to mine? I don't remember moving mine, unless I did it subconsciously...


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  • Sounds like a good sign here!

    • How's it going with him?

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    • Ah fair enough :3 thanks so much for all your help!

    • No problem--anytime! Good luck with him.

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