Boyfriend is always criticizing me but won't break up?

My boyfriend is still mad at me. On Tuesday it was Eid and he invited me out to dinner with his brother. We got ready and he wanted me to wear my black blazer with one of his scarfs because it looked "respectable". I said no, it's too cold out (like 45 degrees) and I wanted to wear one of my 3 coats, which he all hated. This kind of made me feel bad because then it's obvious he hates my style. I was really flabbergasted that he wanted me to wear the blazer so badly and he got angry I was refusing to, even saying it isn't cold out. When I said I had just been outside like him, he kept arguing about it. He said I could wear my coat but I wasn't coming with him. LIke my coat would make him ashamed of me? I finally gave in but I wasn't happy. On the way in we barely spoke. He said "if you're in a bad mood, just stay home." When we were in the city waiting for his brother, we kept talking and he got so angry at me saying that something is wrong with me and I was trying to ruin his day. He was being so nasty, I couldn't believe this was the guy who told me he loved me for the first time a week ago. I asked him if he still loved me and he said no, and that he's not saying it again. I started getting teary and that made him annoyed. He said it was a stupid question but why did he answer in the affirmative?

We waited for his brother for half an hour and got no apology- but that was fine for him. Even though we rushed to be on time.

I thought everything was fine on Wednesday night but then on Thursday night and last night he was being distant and kept saying everything was fine, until I finally got it out of him that he was still pissed. I need to stop 'talking back to him and talking so much' ect. Apparently I ruined his day and I think negatively. I'm annoyed that he is STILL pissed when he GOT HIS WAY in the end.

I moved into his place two months ago and when I told him that maybe he would prefer if I had my own place, he told me I was thinking badly again. But he's always criticizing me and everything I do needs to be improved, so why does he want to be with me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I only read the title... If he is always criticizing you and you don't like it then why don't you break up with him? There is no point to staying in a hostile relationship. There are many fish in the sea, go find one that respects you and doesn't criticize you.

    Best of luck :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Honey I was in this exact relationship 5 months back eerily I had similar criticisms about my coats. We were together for 9 months and in that time he came across as loving to everyone else but behind closed doors he was a nasty piece of work.

    The insults started from day one. At first I just thought he was joking but then it got worse. One day he said one of my coats made me look like a train spotter, over the nine months he said he hated all my coats and that I should bin them all, even though I was more fashionable than him.

    He said he didn't like my name and said it made me sound a hundred years old.

    He criticised my university, my degree, my hair, shoes.

    I will tell you now this will only get worse and what this guy is doing to you is completely unacceptable. The only regret I have from that relationship was that I didn't dump him sooner.

    This man you are with has a very negative attitude towards you and he expects to control you. Why is he with you, if he doesn't like your style, how dare he try to change you?

    Then even when he got his way, he is still trying to make you feel bad about it. Lets face it nothing really happened and it was no big deal. if he is like this over a blazer, what will he be like over bigger decisions, I can bet you anything you won't be putting your opinion over at all.

    I would move out and find a man that respects you. He is manipulative and controlling, escape before he completely destroys your self-esteem.


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