Hey guys, I need some advice! girlfriend problem?

Ok so my name is Justin I'm19& mygirlfriend is 18!We just got back together, two or three months agoI broke her heart twice & I realized what I done & asked her to take me & thank God she did! Because I missed her! She's the sweetest kindest girl I've ever met& she'salways willing to give people a change even me! To tell you the truth I did deserve it after all the hurtfulthings I did to her! She has been through child abuse, her family treats her badly, & when I broke up with her the 2nd time she got together with another guy who beat her! She loves me more than anything & I tookitforgrantedtwice!we we aren't able to see each other we text everyday! I never text her and she always does! Sometimes ignore her, sometimes I dont! On our one month anniversarywe weren't able to see each other& itreallyupset her. the last thing she texted me was "heybaby you wanna video chat with me" & I ignored her & never responded :( now she hasn't texted me in days! What'swrong withher?


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  • ''I ignored her & never responded :( now she hasn't texted me in days! What'swrong withher?"

    Man you gotta be kidding me. There's nothing wrong with her, you are the problem! Why would a girl put up with your games anyway. She seems very damaged and that's why she's putting up with you. For HER own sake, please end things with her. This has dragged for way too long. Taking you back and all that yada yada is putting both of you into pointless turmoil. It's not gonna last. You guys are both immature and not treating each other properly. WHY would you ignore her for god's sake? You just like the attention she's giving you and you like that she settled for how crappy you treat her. You don't have a care in the world about what she needs and about how emotionally fragile she is right now. Why would you want her to text you back when you ignore her most of the time ANYWAY? That doesn't make any sense.

    • Doesn't matter I dumped her ass on our month anniversary! I don't want to be her if she ignores me!

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  • You said you ignore her but you love her like crazy and yet you say you deserve all the crap. You should treat her better! Be there for her, ask her about her day etc.

    • I dumped her ass! Shouldnt have ignored me! I also found out that she's sickly! That's why she took me back! So she can spend time with me before the sickness gets worse, but I didn't want to waste my time! By the way I got a new girl already one that give me all the sex I want :)

  • you aren't treating her any better than the other people in her life! If my guy ignored me. You said that you took her for granted and didn't deserve that she took you back, and you are still treating her terrible! Stop being a jerk! she has every right to not be texting you. She probably is realizing she shouldn't have taken you back. If you want to lose her again, keep doing what you are doing,. you may be surprised when its your turn to be dumped!


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