College or move out?

Hey guys thanks in advance for all the answers.

Okay so I am currently living with my parents and I am in my 2nd year in community college. My first semester was okay I got a's and c's. I was never an all a's student in high school. However, my past semester was horrible I failed and dropped a sh*t load of classes. Long story short I lost my financial aid. My parents were disappointed in me so I got a job to pay for school I didn't save enough to start this fall semester. Now my parents are like either you get a loan and go to college or you move out. I kinda want to move out but I don't have the money right now. What I am asking is should I move out or go to college?


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  • Probably just move out, doesn't sound like school is your thing.


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  • Option 1) Can you afford one or 2 classes? If so take those and work part time.

    Option 2) Take out a loan. Go to college. Seek ongoing help in order to not repeat last semester.

    If you move out what do you plan on doing? Working full time? At what sort of establishment? From how you worded your question it sounds like moving out isn't really possible for you right now. I really do not recommend moving out and starting full time minimum wage work in the service industry or something comparable. You deserve better.

    Just clarification: the "my past semester" you're referring to is this fall or last spring?

    And wondering - what was your program or your goals in college? I feel like that's an important piece of info in this career planning decision.

    Please provide more info I'd like to give more input if you'd like it.

    • Hello thank you for helping me out. Yes, I can afford to take 2 classes while working. But only on the weekends.I am currently a full time nanny. I am not getting paid enough I believe. So I will be leaving this family in December to work full time for another family. I will say this I feel very discouraged to go back to school because of my failure. My past semester was spring of 2013.

      I am currently in the child development program. I hope to obtain my associates in child development.

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