Is regretting a break-up normal?

Let's say I was friends with benefits with this guy, as we both decided not to be in a serious relationship, but we used to hang out, go out and have sex.

Last week, I realized that I miss him when he isn't around, but the problem is that he is always busy with his job (a lot of projects and travelling) and I didn't thought it was fair for me to wait until he is available (twice a month) to go out.

So.. as it wasn't a "serious relationship", I decided to text him (I know, not the most mature thing in the world) and tell him I was done. He told me he would like to talk and take coffee. I said yes, but then my best friend was like: "No, he is such a jerk" and then I told him no.

Now I regret everything I did. I'm 100% sure he isn't the one, but I still I miss him. Is it normal to feel this way after a "break-up"? How do you guys deal with this?


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  • I know how you feel, and its true you do miss his "love" and attention he gave you while you guys were together but you gotta realize your worth more than two times a month...itll take some time, but time heals all wounds. Try to be productive and go out with friends, spend time with family, do activities to keep your mind busy. You'll soon know your better off anyway.

  • I think it's normal but you're not really regretting the break up, you're just missing him and the experiences you had with him. (Sex and hanging out). It probably wouldn't have hurt to meet up for coffee and talk. You can't let your friends make decisions for you; you should weigh the option and take what they say into account and then decide from there.

    I think once you find someone else to fill that void, you'll be fine. I wouldn't go rushing it though. Just let someone present themselves to you. This wasn't a serious relationship though so it shouldn't take you long to pick up and move on.


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