My ex messaged me on facebook after 2 years breakup... is she trying to invite me back into her life?

A while ago.. I received a Facebook message from my ex as follows

''Met a lovely lady from ( my country ) today at work...made me think of you. How are you ( my name ) ?''

I respect my ex much . And we parted as friends. We had wonderful time together.

How should I Interpret her message ... is it her way of wanting me to get back in her life again ? or is she just being friendly and keeping in touch ?

Later in the conversation , I was telling her that her country is beautiful and on my travel list .. she said that if I ever think of visiting that there is a friend ( her) waiting for me there ... then I told her that I didn't want to impose on her life... so she replied that I would definitely not be imposing and that I should stay with her for a couple of days.

Do you think she still have something for me and would like me to initiate or is she just being friendly?
We broke up because she had to go back to her home country and the long distance relationship didn't work


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  • I can't answer that cause I don't know the reason you guys broke up in the first place.

    • We broke up because she had to go back to her home country and the long distance relationship didn't work

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    • You know.. that was really helpful... so basically... she misses me.. but it could be that she just want me as a friend... right?

    • Yes it could be, or maybe she wants you guys to give it another shot, who knows...

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  • She seems to want to have you back in her life. Clearly she's still very fond of you. I don't think I'd read anymore into it than that. You seem pretty fond of her too. I think it could be the start of a nice friendship.

    • so you think she just wants to be friend.. or do you think she wants more ?

    • Like I said, I wouldn't read into it thinking she wants to jump into a relationship. I think that's not something you can really tell yet. It's been two years.

    • thanks

  • My ex fiancĂ©e after 10 years found me on FB and messaged me a few years ago, rambling about the past and this and that. Now he only does it rarely when he is drunk and apparently thinking of me. Take it for what it is...a FB message, nothing more or less. If someone wants you back, they will face you and have a discussion with you. Maybe she is opening the door? But then again, maybe she was bored or you happened to go through her mind at the moment. Just don't over think it. Maybe just ask her outright what's up with the messages out of the blue.

  • so loyal


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  • I think she wants you to come back into her life.

  • Sounds like she misses you.


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