5 plus years together and no picture?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 5 years and we don't have one picture of us together. He has a picture of me on his phone. I don't have a picture of him. I never really thought about it .til today. We went to cut wood with his brother friend and uncle . His brother wanted to take a picture - just the way he looked at me he didn't want me to be in the pic like he was shying away from the pic so I stood on the side and he got comfortable and got back into the pic and his brother asked me to take the pic. So I did. Just the four of them. If I look like crap I usually dodge a pic but we were all working .. I don't know I thought it was weird. I told him we don't have a picture together ,we should take one and he just strugged his shoulders..kind of like whatever. Should I be concerned?


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  • I acknowledge it's strange, but don't over think it. For all you know, he just hates getting his picture taking period. Reflect on your entire relationship, and, if the rest of it seems well, then it's likely nothing. Ask him if you want, but try and keep an overall perspective.


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  • if you've been in a relationship 5 years and have no pictures together, I'd be saying wtf is up lol


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  • 5 years? Congrats! No picture, I'm concerned.. That's a long time, maybe he doesn't want you to show him off to everyone but for him to take a picture with his family and not you. That's a red flag! Be cautious! I hate that he just shrugged you off... Maybe you need to step back and look at your relationship from different angles..

    • Agreed, but some people just arnt into photos, and some really are. I met this girl 2 months ago and we have like 15 pics on Facebook, but my girlfriend before that, she wanted nothing to do with pictures because she hated having her pic taken.

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