Female behavior has me confused

This girl did all this weird mess which confused me. On a smaller level, I saw her looking at me so out of curiosity, I looked back. I have only said hello to her in passing a handful of times. She has given me this fake forced smile once before. Just earlier today, we were standing on the subway platform together (or rather simultaneously) and I noticed how she kept pacing back and forth only a few feet from me. When the train comes she walksa good distance (probably two cars over) and gets on. The EFF?

I don't care, but I pay am the type to notice behavioral patterns.


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  • She might feel uncomfortable around males or shy around you because she likes you. I used to get anxiety attacks around this guy that I was very attracted to. He didn't like me but made an effort to talk to me every time I got an anxiety attack because he wanted to help me feel better about myself. He also thought I was that way around everybody but that was the first time in over a year that I was anxious around somebody like that.


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