What does my ex boyfriend want? Friends, or rethinking relationship?

I really would like to know what you guys think

My boyfriend and I broke up after 7 months. I have no doubt he really liked me (told me he loved me) but he really wasn't ready for the relationship. Unlike me, who was very happy to make sacrafices to make the relationship work, I wasn't a priority for him. I felt like I was giving so much and getting so little back. I really did try everything for him. But I couldn't change the fact he was unsure so I ended things. He seemed really upset. Its been 2 weeks and he has contacted me twice. The first I was very brief. Then he messaged again, with a link to our favorite movie and then we spoke a little bit. He mentioned seeing me soon but I kind of brushed it off. He also asked if I am feeling better out of the relationship?

I don't understand what he is thinking/feeling.

Does he just want to be friends now? Or does he want to try again? Or just stringing me along?

Any help appreciated.


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  • This seems more like he wants to get back together to me. Since you broke up with him, there is no reason he wouldn't want to. Did you make it clear to him why you broke up with him? If you are thinking about getting back together with him, then you should make sure that he is ready to contribute a lot more to the relationship next time.

  • thinking is over rated


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