I need relationship help. Any advice?

Ok so I'll try to explain briefly. I've been with my boyfriend for two years and three months. We are long distance and see each other every two to three weeks. We JUST got back together a week ago though because we broke up broke a little over a month because he wanted some space.

Now that we are back together I thought everything was good again so I was happy. He just dropped a bomb on me that I'm talking to him way too much and he wants a lot of space from me. (First we don't see each other much and second he is ALWAYS busy so we don't even talk that much). He still says he loves me so much and he wants to marry me someday though...

I'm just so confused and I'm scared that I'm more in love with him than he is. Everything is so raw because we JUST got back together and now he is changing our relationship again to make it more ":chill"

I don't even know what to think. Any advice, ideas, tips, thoughts, ANYTHING?


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  • I'm not clear on the space he feels he needs when you see so little of each other. What did he say the reason he needed space when he broke up? This is seldom an issue that comes up in a long distance relationship. He has as much space as he could possibly want now and yet he needs more? How can he think he could be married to you if he feels the little contact you have now is too much contact? This is not a good sign for a long and stable future.

    You've been together so long that ending the relationship over this seems rather drastic. However I think the two of you need to come to an agreement about what you each want that is agreeable for both of you. One question to ask is why his desire to avoid contact is more important than your need for contact. For that matter why does he even have a need to avoid contact with you? If you spoke every day for hours, I can see that this might be getting in his way. I assume it's nothing like that. I can't help but think that he has completely ignored what you need and what you want, first in breaking up with you and now with attempting to minimize contact.

  • work it out in your own mind


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