What are some of the reasons people get divorced?

In detail if you could .


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  • Inadequate sex.

    Sex influences every facet of a relationship. When it's good, it makes everything better. Good sex is like glue that holds love together. Lack of good sex is like a poison that dissolves the glue. Good sex can help overcome adversity and make challenges easier to face.

    In many marriages / long term relationships women tend to stop having sex because they get busy or don't feel up to it. I don't think they would do that if they realized how much damage it does.

    Money is obviously important too, but from a man's perspective, a relationship with great sex but too little money is WAY better than one with enough money but unsatisfying sex.


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  • There lots of reasons. sometimes people just grow a part, and look for different things out of life. They cheat on there partners, no money coming in. The women or men is getting abused in the relationship. They get divorced for the wrong reason, and still live together. Maybe they got married to soon, or too young, that's the most common mistake. Maybe the sex life is not satisfying for that person, and looking else were.

  • my parents just didn't get along. they are very different people. my dad is easy going, laid back, and my mom is...well the opposite. They simply were two people who as they got older grew apart. basically they are/were incompatible.

    there are more but that is the example I'll provide since it's my experience.

    abuse or adultery are big ones in my book

  • Broadly speaking, divorce lawyers say issues around money and issues around sex are the two biggest drivers.

    It can be hard to say 'this was the root cause'. Its easier to say what the final straw was (cheating, etc.) but not the chain events that lead up to that point.

  • incompatibility


    fighting over money

    getting lazy and thinking the marriage is the end of the relationship, not the beginning.

    fighting over children

  • Ho didn't really like guy, but wanted "stability" (money) so ho married guy. Few years pass, and ho can't stand her bad decision, so ho wants a divorce to take half of guys money.

    Ho wants money, ho sees guy with money, ho marries guy with money, ho makes his life hell to try and divorce him, ho walks with money.

    Ho wants money. Ho marries guy with money. Ho has kids with guy with money. Ho divorces guy and takes half his money, then collects welfare to take money from tax payers.

    Ho didn't really like guy, but wanted "stability" (money) so ho married guy. Few years pass, and ho can't stand her the guy so ho cheats with another guy. Ho divorces guy and takes half of his money and runs of with other guy to try and do the same thing again.

  • money



    embarrassed to be seen with them

    they cheated

    they are horrible

    they can't keep house

    bad lifestyle with them

  • There are only 4 valid reasons and then all others are excuses.

    1. Abuse.

    2. Abandonment. Lack of emotional / mental / physical care on at least one side.

    3. Lack of Cooperation. Poor teamwork makes for a poor team. Marriage is nothing but teamwork.

    4. General Dissolution. This is the all-encompassing reason for all other reasons.

    Money and material wealth / economic stability is not particularly a reason simply because divorce in most cases does not end with wealth for either partner. It's very expensive. Monetary cases are rare and also controversial because of the elements contained in hopping from person to person. It's much, much harder for the average person to even begin to fathom doing this for wealth and it is, of all business models, the poorest.

  • Money, lack of sex or good sex, personality traits too similar, cheating, lying, laziness, believing someone is great and not seeing with honest eyes and marrying just for sex/looks/money.


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  • 1. They fall out of love, grow apart, resentment, hate 2. Infidelity 3. The death of a child

    4. Careers take different directions 5. Boredom 6. Illness 7. Betrayal 8. An abusive partner mental and or physical 9. Money issues 10. Parenting difference. These are a few I can think of I am sure there are a lot more. I hope this helps, why are you need to ask such a question?

    • I'm just interested in the process and how it works since I haven't experiences divorce with anyone close to me, and it's so common

    • Yes it is common. People used to marry and stay married no matter what but not anymore. I think people realized that is important to be happy, and not miserable trap in a situation that seems hopeless. But then on the other hand if you can make together through all of those bumps in the road you can grow and grow into something that is beautiful, and it does happen but not often. I guess it is like falling in love, some are lucky many are not.

  • I'm divorced and our reasons were valid-incompatible.

    but we're still friends.

  • Irreconcilable differences.

  • Money is the number one reason.

    You have fallen out of love.


  • 1. MONEY.

    No detail is necessary.


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