Talking about getting back together, how should I break the ice?

We've been broken up for a while now, but remained friends after.

The reason she broke up with me is because she didn't love me anymore because I was being depressed and wasn't open to her about this. Instead I started pushing her away.

Anyways a months later I've figured everything out and I feel really really good about myself. I've also tried dating other girls and this was fun, but I still really like my ex and think it's worth a shot to try and start dating again.

How should I 'break the ice'. What should I say? Should I state that I'm good now and want to have a fresh start, ask her out on a date or just try kissing her and see what happens?


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  • I've dated someone in the past who was diagnosed with depression, he was open to me about it though and I did know that's why he was acting different so my love for him was unconditional. Although, if he hadn't told me about the depression and then acted the way he did I would probably have fallen out of love with him. So if you didn't tell her about your depression and she broke up with you because of the way you were acting I do believe you two have another shot, but if she did know about the depression and stopped loving you then I do believe you deserve better.

    What I would do is be completely open with her and tell her what was going on when she broke up with you, explain to her that you have figured everything out and you do feel better about everything in general and let her know that and tell her you'd like to take her out on a date and give you two another shot :)

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, she didn't know I was depressed at the time. I was being very distant so the love was unconditional for a long timek, until she had enough. I really hurt her in that period and we've already talked about everything after she broke up (a few weeks). Back then I knew what I've done wrong and what was wrong with me but I didn't know how to fix it.

      The key here is that I'm doing great now! I just feel like she's not sure whether or not she can trust me in not hurting her again.

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    • Sorry for spamming the comments but I think I'll tell her:

      'I know I told you I accepted the fact that you don't want to get back together and I still do but I still want to treat you nicely and if you ever have doubts you know where to find me.'

      At least something within that context.

    • Hey! I'm sorry I didn't comment back, I haven't been on in a while. But it seems like things are going well! :) I would definitely tell her about the depression so she knows what went on the first time. Good luck! and feel free to ask me anything if you want more advice or someone to talk to :)

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  • My question is: how can you get back with someone if they don't love you anymore? And why do you want to get back with someone whose love for you is conditional?

    • We've talked a lot and because of her not knowing how I felt (I was closed) and because I started acting differently she fell outta love (though probably not completely) and felt like she had been hurt enough.

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