Why is he is afraid to call it a relationship?

So we've been going out for 4 months, we just formally met each others families over dinners (we planed this meet the parents weekend weeks in advanced and both sets of parents think we're great for each other). We're also becoming friendly with each others siblings. We've been exclusive for the past 2 months. We canceled our online dating membership renewals. We really do like each other a lot, have good sexual chemistry, both of us know that we have someone special and what we're looking for (neither of us have wandering eyes). I have a bunch of my things that I leave at his place which he's completely fine with, he even told me that I could leave more clothing if I want to. When I asked him "can you admit that this is a relationship already" with a teasing voice, he sort of got shy and didn't go for it. The thing is, he went threw a divorce within the last year, they didn't have children and he's happy they ended it because she wasn't good enough for him (he moved so fast with his ex that he's really having a hard time emotionally allowing himself to move at a normal pace now). I told him that I was scared that if I got fed up and tried to end things with him that he would let me go without a fight, that maybe it's not that he's not ready but that he doesn't know how he feels about me. He really felt bad when I said that and he lifted my head up looked me in the eyes and said "I really really like you, a lot and I wouldn't let you go without a fight" and he gave me a big kiss and held me. I know he really likes me I just want him to let himself 100% be in this relationship and for him to say proudly that I'm his girlfriend and potentially that he loves me. Will his wall come down over time and will he let himself fall in love again (with me)?


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  • With time, the wall comes down. Just hang in there. Good luck!


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