When have you crossed the 'friendship' line ?

what do you think is going on?

So this new kid moved into my class, and I think he is really sweet, because I wasn't there on his first day, people kinda told me what he was like based on assumptions. The boys in my class find him intimidating, because he isn't dorky like them. I than met him and basically forced him to sit with me and I found out that we are in the same core and option class (which means I have every class with him) We sit together all the time, and he is such a great guy. I have known him for like 3 weeks-1 month. People think we flirt but I seriously don't think we do. Now people are starting to get the wrong impression. We laugh, and stuff, and sometimes he grabs me and takes my pencils and makes me beg for them back. He also is really good to me and treats me really well. Do you think I am too blind to see something is starting here, or do you think this is normal,because I think its normal, and others dont.


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  • From the information you have given me it seems like an ambiguous situation. The guy could be seeing you as just a new friend, or he could be trying to actively pursue your romantic affections: it really depends on small differences. For example the whole pencil-grabbing thing is something I would do with some girls I really like (to play a bit with them and have fun), but is something I could do to with a girl who is just a friend.

    Just try to watch for subtle signs. Is he staring at you when he is sitting somewhere else in class? How long can you hold eye contact with him before he averts his eyes? If you are interested in building up something here then actively go for it and give him some signs he can work with (guys are terrible in interpreting subtle signs). If not, try to make that clear as well.

    Good luck!

    • Thank-you! Yeah I don't see it as anything but people are starting to warn me and it annoys me.

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