I'm just so lost right now. Is he mad or wants to end for good?

almost 4 years of LDR. He is a navy and his work is crazy everyday. Last week we were talking via email since he was in the ship but he said a joke that I felt offensive to my dad so I snapped by Because he didn't explain wht did he mean bout the joke. I totally told him how I felt and some issues tht had been on my mind. I was hurting bad Because we barely talked since his crazy schedule but we still misunderstood bout each other. so after I told him how I felt he implied that I was trying to make him feel like he was a bad boyfriend. an he wanted to be friend with me. I said no but insisted h to say the word " break up" so I can move on peacefully. The reason that I wanted him to say Bcoz I wanted it to be completely done but he didn't say. I needed a closure( I kno it sounds stupid)

he hasn't talked to me at all for 5 days an I couldn't help but send him mail that I miss him ;(( I kno I look pathetic but he is the love of my life an this is so hard. So should I move on?


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  • ?The military life doesn't teadh him senwsitiity..so I's not surprising he tells jokes that are offensive sometimes. In the military, that shows he is manly.

    I can understand you won't accept that attitude.

    Keep telling him how you feel. If he doesn't break up with you, I'll be surprised.

    • so you saying telling an offensive jokes show a guy that he is so manly but wht kind of manly the guy is that can't even hear the girls feeling...hmmmm p**** I 'd say.

    • The military is still mainly all guys, and sort of frat atmosphere, most of the time..

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  • Yes you should. I don't understand the concept of having a relationship with someone you barely see for 4 years :|


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  • Try to move on..it will be hard though


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