How to get your ex back?

I would like a few tips that WORKED ON/FOR YOU. I want to get my boyfriend back, we were together for a long time, we were just going through some rough times and needed space to figure things out.

If you're a girl, what have you done to get an ex back?

If you're a guy, what has an ex done to make you go running back to her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I was with my ex for 2yrs constantly arguing people would talk rubbish bout me to him and him to me and when you

    You We confronted each other bout whatever it was for we'd believe the people that were talking rubbish 2yrs later he wanted a break but I didn't But I gave him what he wanted thought it drove me mad being ignored and everything else went out one night his "mate" made up this story he was cheating with some1 & on top of that he tried to get me to go back to his hotel room... anyway it didn't help that I had drank too much and had lots of other stuff as Well and to hear that I went crazy and an old friend of mine was there and I hooked up with him. revenge isn't always the best especially when what was said about him was false but from that mistake I realized I didn't just Love this guy I was in Love with him he is the so called "one" & it will be 3yrs since we have been broken up but I never gave up even after I was pushed away and everything I haven't been with anyone else Since then and he hasn't for 5 yrs, we don't have a title but we see each other few times a eleven and talk everyday if he really wanted to let it go he would have and I would have accepted. he said if listened to him when he told me never to contact him again we wouldn't b where we are now.

    U have to really want something with all your heart to get it & believe in it if you's impossible then you just gave up. You can't force someone to be with you but if you genuinly think he's the one don't give up if your confused then he's not. Don't care what other people wil think it say if you or how you go bout getting him back do what makes you happy not what makes people happy


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What Guys Said 1

  • First step is "establishing communication". A nice little hello would be nice, or a "how have you been?" Or "how is your life going?" something that will show that you are interested in being calm and civil and would like to chat.

    If he doesn't reply after a day or 2, I would then message him with what the girls have stated below. If he has a heart and a soul, I'm sure he will reply. Weather it be good or bad news (not blowing up at you, but aka if he would like to chat or not).

    But you have to make the first point of contact. I'm pretty sure he didn't want to stop talking to you, but you have kinda made him, so even If you did bump into him, you will still have to make the first point of contact.

    Take your time, don't rush, just be nice and sweet. I'm sure he will respond.


What Girls Said 2

  • There is no magic trick that will get your ex back, You just try being open and honest with how you feel and see what he says, he might feel the same way, or... he has moved on, I've learned that tricks always gets you played for a fool in the end

  • There is nothing you can/can't do really, to make him want to come back. I do believe, however, there are some things you should avoid doing, that would most likely push him further away. DO NOT become clingy, things happened that obviously required you two needing/creating more space btwn you, so give him that space. Do not beg for another chance, very unattractive. Date other guys, let him know you're not waiting around on anyone and that you are OK moving on (even if you aren't). It's up to him. Guys go for what they want, if he wants you back, he'll come get you. Getting back with the ex usually doesn't work out, there was a reason things already ended once.


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