Why do guys say things they never mean?

I stood through so much disrespect and one night I got tired. I tried everything to make things back right. He begged me to leave him alone and to stop calling and texting. then a girl moved in with him and he basically had to make her. everything she do today is because of him. he even showed her how to get a job. he wanted a girl with money to spend on him. later he found out it was boring and miserable. He basically became her mom and dad. I was in the mall with a guy friend and he flipped. He begged me to move on And stop texting him everyday. what do you think he missed?


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  • Wait what? this whole story that you have told us, just doesn't fit right.

    You left, you tried to fix things, he got a new girlfriend, got her a job, is her dad, you went on a date with a guy, and he lost his crap and told you to move on?... Makes no sense to me...

    Just don't call him.

    What did he miss? Well he's missing out on you, that why you shouldn't care anymore.


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  • He certainly didn't miss you texting him, apparently. I think you need to realize the difference between love and obsession.

    • I quit that last month. When I was in the mall with another guy he flipped. He begged me to leave him alone because he was dealing with a girl that had money and basically did whatever he asked her to do. I had to realize he will never get it.

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  • He doesn't want you. There is something she does for him that you don't. Accept it and move on.

    • Buy him clothes buy him shoes pay his rent his insurance buy him food and suck him everyday you would do that? You would pay for everything a guy want?

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    • Omg girl get of my post! They are not even together anymore. I'm not even with him. If you wanna be that stupid go head. if you do it for a black nigga I bet your ass will get used and talked about. I'm no to even talking about what she doing I'm talking about what he did at the mall lol you crazy bitch

    • Read the title of the topic! He said he never meant it! Damn get off my post!

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