He has mentioned his ex-girlfriend on both of our dates, should I be worried?

I have recently been on a date with this guy, he seems really nice and has treated me like a lady. I am really excited about it because I haven't been out with anyone for over a year. On the first date he took me for dinner somewhere really nice and we got on really well. Then he asked me to his apartment for a cup of tea, and so we could chat.

We were chatting and getting on really well, and realized we had loads in common, and he kissed me. Suddenly he brought up the topic of past relationships. He asked me if there was anyone in my life right now?

I said no and I definitely would not be on a date if there was and that the last person I was with is engaged to be married to someone else and it was over a year ago.

He suddenly seemed sad & told me he broke up with someone about 3 months ago, that she was a knob and that she had cheated on him. I said I was sorry, and how did he find out? He said he saw loads of texts from a guy on her phone and that they are now together.

He took me home.

The next date as soon as I got in the car, he kissed me and seemed really happy. As I was speaking to him about something, he suddenly changed the topic to his ex-girlfriend and said I am really happy because I just found out my ex-girlfriend has broken up with her boyfriend on Facebook. I found it a bit of a strange thing to bring up and asked if he felt like he wanted to get back with her.

He said umm no not really..I've got you now. Wasn't the most enthusiastic answer I thought and it was like a warning light was going off inside me.

Why does he keep bringing her up randomly?

Since then he has brought up his ex-girlfriend and her family a couple of times, and I am getting a little worried.

He has even invited me to a concert he is playing in and she is singing and he wants me to meet her.

What is going on? He is really nice and I would like to pursue things.

Am I being over dramatic or is there something I should be worried about here?


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  • That's a legitimate concern. I can definitely say he's not over his ex. There's a chance he may be romantically over her but he's definitely not over what happened. I honestly don't think he should be dating right now until he is fully over it. He should be able to date you without any talk or her at all. I don't think exes are something that should be brought up until it is appropriate.


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