When you break up with someone, you break up with their friends and family too? Yes or no?

When I was dating my ex, because he was staying with his friends house and still currently is I allowed him to use my address for everything and my mom was OK with it. He had an I.D that had our address on it. So now that we're over I feel like he shouldn't be getting his sh*t mailed here. I told my mom this and she said well it doesn't bother me and that she pays the bills. Though that is true, he never treated her how he treated me so naturally she wouldn't understand. Everyone I have asked pretty much stated that I have the right to feel this way. Its the principle behind it that 1. We are no longer dating, 2. Why would you want your stuff to come to your exes house?, 3. When you break up with someone you break up with their friends and family too, 4. You're paying rent at your friends house so that is your home. I'm trying to move on and live my life and I have to be reminded this fool still exists by seeing his mail on our kitchen table? Am I overreacting?


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  • So move out. It's your mom's house, and it's her decision...

    • umm yeah I get that -___- and stated that 'she pays the bills'. Would it bother you if one of your exes did that? If you were trying to move on and they tried to stay connected to you and your family members, would you care?

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    • That was one of my points I was saying. He has a place to live and is paying rent there meaning he lives there. His mail should get sent there and no longer my house. However my mom sees no problem in his mail still coming here. It was originally sent here because he did't have a place to live but he was staying with his friend. He didn't know that he would be staying with his friend permanently and when he needed to apply for jobs and stuff it was OK with him using my address while we were

    • dating. Yes, its very stupid...

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