Should I apologize to an ex, after years?

3 years AGO we started seeing each other.

That time I came out of a 3 year relationship and wasn't ready to commit to a relationship with him but I did like him and I'd somehow bring up my ex.

in fact I was even friends with him and met up with him once during that time.

In my eyes that time I didn't realize I was being so inconsiderate and insensitive towards the new guy I was seeing.

I think I hurt him. He left me. It lasted for 2 months. It wasn't a relationship, just everything before committing,.

I'm gonna meet him at a part soon and I was wondering if I should apologize for this, I feel horrible inside.

I'm seeing him after a year, otherwise I;d see him around school. We don't share the same school anymore

We've kept distance always ever since that
no I didn't sleep with my ex when I saw him.

thanks for the answers :)


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  • Your welcome. And I didn't know that but that's good that you didn't. Maybe you could tell him that it was to resolve any lat min issues or something if that was the case of seeing your ex.

  • Yeah you really need to apologize to him full heartedly and honestly. A guy that is putting up his whole time to see you and be with you in hopes of something more to come of it would be shattered if you went to go see your ex (Im guessing you mean sleep with your ex) during that time. Talking from experience I can honestly say it really hurts when that happens. A good man with a good heart is not invulnerable. When we have the chance to see someone and everything is going well and we are understanding (especially when you bring up your ex since its the best example you can come up for things when they have been the longest relationship youve ever had) as well as starting to fall for that person...its shattering when something like that happens. You really do need to apologize to him and let him know that you still think of him. If you want him in your life again your going to have to be understanding and let him know that you still care.


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