Weird behavior after ex boyfriend dumped me?

my ex boyfriend dumped me (although I kind of wanted to do it as well but was too attatched too) after 2 years. and then we had a break for a few weeks, then got back together after he initiated contact then a week later and after a couple of times we met up he dumped me again wtf. why would he get back with me just to dump me again. like I don't want him back now. but its totally cruel. then when I got home after being completely heartbroken again I texted him saying look whatever its not working out I accept this break up now please nver contact me again I do love you but I can't ever speak to you now. then he started verbally abusing me calling me all the names in the book and bringing up sh*t from the first month we we went out for 2 years. please explain this behavior .


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  • justifying his own behavior by blaming u,he's a douche bag


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  • It seems like he had been planning to dump you sooner, but when he actually made the move regretted it. He might of got back with you again because he wanted to use you (back up, sex, emotional support) but since it didn't go as planned dumped you again.

    You did the right thing of dropping this guy, because these are signs of emotional abuse, (The bad words, belittling, throwing old dirt in your face.) stuff like that.


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