I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 19 is that bad?

Hey I was wondering if it's bad that my boyfriend is 19 and I'm 16? We have Been dating for 2 and a half years and my parents don't know. He has been there for me through everything and I've been there for him. We met on the bus and I love him more than everything. And I didn't expect to fall for him like I did or even last as long as we have. But I can't see me being with anyone but him. We've tried to break up and go our separate ways because of the age but no matter how hard we tried we always ended up back together. So is it bad that we are together?


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  • Ah the society we live in... Same question, different format. Same problem, different person.

    The issue of relatively minor age gaps in relationships is one I've tried helping others with numerous times, what you ultimately need to realize is that the only thing that matters is love...

    I'm only 18, but think that I can help answer your question as I know how you feel and have a a few mates in a similar situation. At this age, I personally, as well as most others believe that a 2 or 3 year difference is fine, but anything more than that is difficult to not be looked down upon.

    One of my mates was seeing someone 3 years younger; she might have been only 16 but was gorgeous, fun and made him so much happier. Another friend is my age and has been dating someone 2 years younger for a long time. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they lasted forever, as they're so good for each other, loving, caring and reliable.

    In your situation, I'd say keep going! Age is just a number and maturity isn't dependant upon it. If he treats you right and is good for you, then why not? If anyone tries to look down on you for it, their ignorant views aren't worth your time. You've already achieved what most our age cannot, 2.5 years of a loving relationship. The fact that you achieved this whilst having the burden of hiding the truth from your family shows just how much you are meant for each other! You don't have to rush to inform them about your romantic life anyway.

    If you think about it, the percentage age difference between you both is only roughly 16% (off the top of my head) and as you grow older it'd be even less. Don't give a second of effort worrying about what others think, live your life for yourself.

    Is it bad that your together? You tell me.

    Do you regret meeting him.

    Do you want him in your life?

    I hope you find what makes you happiest.

    I wish you all the best.

    Kind Regards.


    • Thank you so much you've helped me so much. He makes me so happy and I really appreciate everything you said :) thank you again.

    • No problem, happy to help a troubled stranger like yourself ^^

      Message me whenever you need me, I like people venting on me and helping solve peoples problems.


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  • Age matters little when you're an adult. How do your parents not know about him? That isn't right to be keeping your boyfriend a secret that long, though I'm not saying it's wrong. I say both of your should wait (but keep dating each other) until you're in your 20s, then make more serious decisions about you future with each other.

    • Thanks we really don't talk about the future unless it pertains to what's going on now right now like the sexual stuff but thanks :)

  • Yeah, I think that's a bit too much of an age difference. He's in college (or working) and you're in HS still. When you are 20 and he's 23, it's no biggie. Or

  • Honestly, it's a grey area as long as you two don't have sex (depending on your states age of consent laws). Idk, you're both in your teens technically... so why not.

  • Its a lot more normal now then when you were 13 and he was 16.

  • When I was 19 I turned down a 16 yo: too young.

    She was mad at me because of it. Never spoke to me again.


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