Should I seek help or should I try to fix my problems on my own when it comes to trusting people?

This past year has been a rollercoaster for me because of all of the issues I had to deal with from the people that were close to me. My mother was going through a depression because she has rheumatoid arthritis and she had to have hip surgery. During the depression, she started treating me terribly. She would throw my clothes down the stairs, threaten to kick me out, lock herself in the bathroom and she even went as far as fighting me. She eventually apologized and we moved past it. During the time I was going through these issues with my mother I started pushing away from my best friend a little because I was dealing with the problems with my mother. I was working full time in retail and some days I would work over eight hours a day so when we made plans I would sometimes cancel because I was tired. So one night we were supposed to celebrate her cousins birthday at a club and a job promotion for her other friend (mind you this cousin didn't even show up) and I cancelled and she got mad at me and when I tried to talk her and tell her that that week I was exhausted and I worked over 65 hours but she didn't want to hear it and she stopped talking to me for a while, but two months later we moved past it. And while I was going through all of the problems with my mother and best friend I had a boyfriend. I would confide in him because he saw first hand what I was going through, but we had our own problems. We would argue and then one day he got tired of it and he broke up with me. Two months later we got back together. While we weren't together he ended up getting arrested for a DWI and he lost his job. So when we got back together I ended up supporting him financially, but then I stopped working because I returned to school full time. I was supporting myself with the little bit of money I had and him, but then he started collecting his unemployment checks. So he told me he would help me out, but then like two weeks later on our two year anniversary we got into an argument and broke up. Apart of me just feels like I was used and I allowed myself to be used, but now I have a job.

I was able to move past things with my mother and best friend but apart of me feels like I cannot trust people and I don't how to deal with this.


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  • Seek help.


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