Am I being unfair or overreacting about this situation?

OK, my kids have a 24 year old brother that belongs to their dad. My kids were raised with him because when their dad and I were together, he had custody of his son. A big mess happened in our lives almost 10 years ago when their dad went to prison for abusing me and doing drugs. Since then, their brother wasn't allowed around my kids because he was selling drugs and going to jail a lot. He has since gotten his life together and doing OK. He wants to get my kids on weekends BUT My son told me that he has bed bugs. I know how hard those things are because an apartment we lived in last year had them and I, a single herd working mom of 4 had to throw everything we owned away and start over. I told my kids that I don't want them going back to the big brothers house because I can't risk losing everything all over again. Now my kids are super up set and won't agree with just letting the brother take them out some where and bring them back. The bugs caused me pure hell and I refuse to relive that night mare. What do you guys think?


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  • Spend a day all the kids, big brother and yourself and help him get rid of the bed bugs so your kids can go over there.


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