I've stopped missing my boyfriend but I do still very deeply care about him?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 7 months. In the middle 3 months were extremely rough and I thought it made our relationship stronger. Lately for the past month I've realized that I've stopped missing him.

I'm not sure if it's the knowledge I'll see him soon so I'm not worried but he's always telling me he misses me. Sometimes I think I don't even feel the same anymore and I get very scared. We smoke a lot of bud and sometimes when I get super blown I think how annoying his family can get and sometimes I get annoyed of him. A couple of times I got tense from him touching me.

I have doubts about our relationship because we are complete opposites.

He's pretty introverted and I want an extrovert to be able to hang with my friends and party with me. But I can't help but also remember the great qualities he has. How much he looks out for me, how he cares for me, and how even despite the interests difference he still makes me smile. We can bounce off each other well.

But the again I feel like I'm sucked into his world and abandoning my own.

I'm planning to talk to him about it and I was thinking about breaking up but the idea of not being with him makes me want to cry a little and beg for him back but I feel like I'll go through the cycle again of not loving him as deeply as I had before.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Do you like him or not? It's just that simple.

    • I like him but I don't know if I love him anymore.

    • It's that simple. Just tell him what you told me in that same sentence format.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just because you like him doesn't mean you need to be with him. If you don' t know that you love him, then you indeed do not love him and don't need to be with him. But don't lead him on. You need to let him know your real feelings. Simply liking someone isn't enough of a reason to be in a relationship with him.

    • I know...He's such an amazing guy. I feel awful! But I can't stop thinking about how I can't talk to him about music or most TV shows I watch because he doesn't care for them.

      He told me before he doesn't take break ups well and I'm worried what he might do even though it's not my problem.

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