What is the first thing that you think and do after you break up?

What is the first thing that you think and do after you broke up?


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  • These were my 10 Steps Toward Recovery...

    1) Cried.

    2) Got pissed off.

    3) Cleaned the entire house. Threw everything that reminded me of him in the garbage or a bin to deal with later. Anything that smelled like him got washed.

    4) Got drunk.

    5) Woke up hungover, angry and determined. Went immediately to a mattress store. Bought a new mattress and a log bedframe.

    6) Took old mattress outside in the yard and set it on fire.

    7) Took a picture of the flaming mattress and sent it to him, then blocked his number.

    8) Went to sleep in my new bed with a huge smile on my face.

    9) Woke up refreshed.

    10) The universe realigned itself because he no longer existed. All became right in the world.


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  • Very first thing? Gather all the stuff I have from the relationship (gifts, tickets, souvenirs, cards, etc.), put it in a bag/box somewhere out of view. Block dude on Facebook, relatives too if necessary, and dump all his friends on Facebook. To me, that's key to a clean breakup.

  • Distract myself with a sh*tstorm of movies, games and shows. Then I cry a bit and throw away/delete all the stuff that reminds me of him.

  • eat. a lot of chocolate...That's probably not a good advice though..

  • I couldn't think of anything right after we decided to end it. I kept crying and non stop crying. I was really devastated and took me 6 months to get my life back on track!

  • 1) cry (a lot)

    2) get drunk

    3) eat my feelings

    4) act like a man and find a guy to screw because I have no self-esteem at that point

    5) cry because I just slept with someone and I miss my ex

    6) netflix and friends

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  • I think the following: Move on. Find another girl. Good thing I have a bull pin just in case this happens. Go out. Have some fun. Hook up with someone. Never talk to my ex again no matter what:

    Putting all your eggs in one basket is never good because women always have other guys waiting for them and they are always looking for reasons to leave you. Never put it past a woman to leave. Put yourself on a pedestal, don't care about the ex, and hook up with another girl or girls.

    • NOT TRUE. The right woman won't go anywhere, unless she isn't treated properly. Are there other men that would want to date me were I single? Yes. Does that mean I'm leaving him for one of them? Absolutely not. In it for the long haul, I'm too loyal for that shady sh*t.

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    • Whoa... so judgmental! Not all women are like that. I still can't move on from a guy I haven't spoken to for 3 months. He didn't even treat me well (e.g. being late all the time, lying, breaking promises) and there are better guys who want to date me and treat me much better. What about that?

    • I didn't say all, but the vass majority are like this. Many men are good to women and they leave or pushes him away. Something that's "better" can be described as something that a woman really wants or looks for in a guy. Usually it's money, or the bad boys/jerks, or having a baby. You said your ex didn't treat you well, but you are still not over him. Deep down he offered something "better" than those other guys.

  • the last time I was in shock, first thing I did was talk to her and ask why? and try to make her change her mind, then the tears came =/ it sucks.

    • kudos for having the balls to give an honest answer. Unlike the guy who answered right after you above! macho BS answer!

    • Hehe I know, everybody is different, but I was being honest with my answer.

  • Go to the gym. Fall in love with my muscles. Problem solved

  • (1) Blast this song while dancing to it: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Qd8-IYovLRQ

    (2) Repeat until feelings go away.

  • Find someone cheap and easy to bang

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