How do I break his heart and?

How do I break up with this guy named Zach? He loves me my friends say but I don't love him he protects me from this kid that bothers me ( punched him and screamed in his face) but like in my earlier questions I asked I like Wyatt not him . It was a mistake to date him.
people please don't be calling me cold hearted I have just found out that he was cheating on me with a friend of mine now I must break up with him . How can I be so YOUNG and be cheated on :(


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  • How... do... you... break... his... heart...

    Going for the extremes I see...

    Well, just tell him you don't want to be with him, I guess.


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  • So this person loves you so much that you want to break his heart? WOW, a little heartless you are, I'd say. Let him down gently, don't be a little brat, you certainly sound like one. Be nice to the guys, especially when they're so nice to you!

    • Well I am not a brat he loves me but I don't love him he needs to move on to another girl and I am not heartless,

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