Is this a sign she moved on?

If a girl hangs out one on one a lot, shows a lot of signs of liking me, I do nothing for a while, she avoids me for a few weeks, and then starts inviting me to hang out again but only in group settings.


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  • I think she might've been a little hurt that you did nothing for a while (which is why she avoided you) but she still is interested so she wants to hangout some more, but she doesn't want you to think she likes you a lot or that it's a date, so it's only group settings.

  • Do you like her? If you did then why did you do nothing for a while? :O

    • I didn't do anything because of mixed signals, which I now know I overthought and should have ignored.

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    • cross national not international, but no. I'm too involved with my university back home. I have a TA position and a job waiting for me there. She did however consider moving to my university for a short period of time.

    • oh that is a good sign! :O I think if you like her a lot and you think it is worth it you can tell her you want to be with her and ask her to move to your university. The best would be if you moved to her country but if she is the one willing and having an oppurtunity open at your college than I think you can ask her.

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