Should I continue my relationship with my boyfriend If he is uncertain with our relationship?

I am 23 and my boyfriend is 26. We've been together for two months now. The first time I met him, we exchange numbers and the day after that we went out, he fetch me from work around 4am, we eat together, watch movies together. I even invited him to go out with my friends and without hesitation he will answer me with "yes". On the very first day I met him, I confessed to him that I Have a 3 years old daughter. He said,he already know since he is a good friend of my sister and he was aware with it. After having a baby, he was the very first man I let get into my world. My daddys baby was out of the question since from the time I conceived we broke up. My boyfriend was so nice and that's the reason why I fall in love with him. He was thoughtful, kind and generous. He even introuduce me to his brother and mom. As the weeks past by, I found out tha he was still communicating with his ex girlfriend. I got jelouse, but he always said that he loves me and he don't want to lose me. He can't just drop the girl automatically since she's currently studying. I still gave him a chance. Just last week,for 3 days he didn't even text me. I said to myself it might be he is super busy filing for his examination. During those days I still texted him updating what iam doing those times, still I got no reply. Then on the 4th day, I called him and he explained that he was having a lot of problem filing for exam and that was the reason he was unable to text me back. Reason accepted, I just need to understand him. On that day, when I checked my Facebook I was shocked when I found out that he unfriend me. He said, it was his ex girlfriend who did that. The following days everything turns so cold, he don't even bother to text me. I was the only one whos reaching out. When I asked him what's wrong, he said there's something to do with my family and his family, he said he can't take the cosequences may happen in the future if his family will know that iam a single mom, he can't take what will his parents will say. And now he wanted to keep our relationship as a secret. and wen I asked him if he wanted to keep this relationship he can't answer. We still see each other. He said he don't want to break up or he dobt want lose me since he loves me, and he doesn't want to make any decesions that he might regret. I love him so much that I don't want lose him. Please help me. What should I do to keep him. I've done everything for him and he knows that. He always say let destiny decide.


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  • Let... Destiny... Decide... Me sounds to me he just wants to see how long it lasts... Look if you like him and you can't let him go work on it talk with him... The unfriend on face book.. that could of been a face book error or some one on his account... dose not allways mean its him. ... just remember one chance is enough. more then that your a sucker and your gonna go back... be strong you have to be for you and your daughter.

    • What about when he told me that he is afraid of the consequences might happened in the future and the thought that his family might disagree on our relationship.?

    • ... if his not willing to stand up an say """ she's my partner. deal with it """ to his family... you gotta ask your self.. do you really want to be with some one that. still gets told what he can and can't do..?

    • Of course I don't want. He's old enough to be instructed to know what to. I just wanted to know on a man sides about his behavior towards me. Whenever I asked him about "us" he can't gave a straight answer. He will always say, that he loves me but no actions at all. He doesn't even tezt me a lot. I juat want to know if he's just confused about his feeling or if he doesn't love me. :(

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