Does my guy friend secretly have feelings for me? Please help me figure this out

So I've known this guy since high school. We've been in & out of each others lives for all of these years. We had no interest in each other that way during high school or while in college. He attended a college in a different state and I stayed home to go to our local university.

I moved away to live in NYC, he moved back home. I call him a guy friend because our families are close. We were never really that close or anything but we knew each other through that and through school. So I moved back about 3 months ago & we see each other every almost everyday because he works right acrossed the street from where I work. Anyways, it could just be me but I was getting different vibes from him since I've moved back.

Such as he'll compliment me a lot about clothing or something I've said.

He looks at me a lot.

He seems overly happy when I talk to him.

Since I've been curshing on him, I have a hard time talking to him. He seems to take this to heart & gets depressed when I don't talk to him.

When we're looking at something together, he'll lean in real close.

Lately I've been considering it because he's a really nice guy. But I also don't want to compromise the relationship that our families have together.


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  • I think he's into you. Your own feelings are probably a reciprocation of his, secretly inspired by his behavior.

    The family friends things... well.. that depends, right? Are the two families doing business together, i.e., trading goods / products - or is it something more low-key like Kramer barging in and saying something funny? (I never liked Seinfeld either but I am sure you get the idea).

    If there are high-level delicate business relations going on, then you best stay out of it; there is more to stake than the friendship. If its more like "just friends", well, people will make more friends if they lose another set of friends - just play along and don't worry about it in this case.

    One plus is he works somewhere that you do not (acrossed the street); intra-office politics are safely avoided.

    If you are not really sure after this answer, maybe spend some time analyzing how and why the families came to be friends, and then see how you feel after it.


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