Help! Do I stay or go?

Ok here it goes: long story short ... Me and My boyfriend/ baby father of our three year old son are having some troubles. We argue just like any other couple but last year the day before Thanksgiving we were fighting in his car over nothing really and I screamed because I wanted him to just shut up and stop fighting. Next thing I knew he slapped me across my face. He has never hit me before but did punch a chandalier. I forgave him because we moved across country and have no one here with us. And I just want a family for our son as I didn't have my dad... He died when I was young. So we moved on... Thn another huge fight over nothing and he almost punched our Mac ... This was about 3 months later. I told him if he did that I would of left without him seeinour son again. He didn't hit it though so we moved on. Now almost a year later another fight over nothing and I noticed he was getting upset as I was trying to talk things over so I slammed the door in his face out of anger... This time in front of our son. Which I feel really horrible about but my emotions got in the way because I was trying to work things out but he wouldn't listen to me so I slammed the door on him and he punched it. Leaving a hold and now I know we won't get out deposit back. I am completely dependent on him and have no family or friends that can help me. My mom and sister live on the other side of the country and say I should come back but I can't because its not good and I get anxiety. I just want us to make it. He says I made him do these things because I instigate the situation. Please give me your advice. Should I leave and start completely over in a place that I hate even more or stay until I can finacially support myself thn leave? Or is this not a big deal?
I just don't know where to go... I have no income and I'm away from my family. My family won't be able to help me moneu wise. To top this off his mother is visited and is the sweetest. But she always says I have to take action because she can tell h is taking advantage of my kindness. She doesn't know about the abuse though. I can't change him or anyone and feel trapped.Also his mom just slipped and said he had an abortion before we me five years ago. He never told me :(


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  • I feel like I just read a summary of an episode of Cops.

    That should give you a hint about what you should do. Its about at the point in time where you have to worry about the safety of yourself, and even more importantly, your son. The relationship is broken, its not gonna get better, and the longer you stay where you are now the more you're putting you and your son in danger.

    This is the type of situation that no matter what you read on the internet from us, I have a feeling you're going to stay. Hopefully you prove me wrong and make the best decision for your futures.


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  • you already made up your mind in your heart on what you're going to do so, just do it.


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  • Leave. This is an abusive relationship and if you won't get out for yourself, get out for your son.

    • I agree this is the beginning of what will become physical abuse,he has anger issues and your son doesn't need to be around it,chil1d protection service will get cal1l1ed if someone hears it and they will take your baby

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