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i am in a relationship with a guy for over two years. he had a girlfriend before for 7 years. things didnot work out nicely so they broke up and she got married to someone else. the begining of our relationship wasn't smooth as I still felt the presence of her in my guys mind for over a year. following which we had several breakups but he came back and wanted to be with me. gradually he got over his previous breakup and decided to be with me seriously forever. I now have a pretty good relationship with my guy and its been a year that we share such a relationship.day before Yesterday my guy suddenly said that his ex gal had texted him hurling abuses at him and me as she had seen us hanging around. my guy showed me the texts and said that he had no contact with her and he was not aware of the reason behind such a behavior of hers. I didnot know her properly and thought to ignore the incident completely. yesterday my guy behaved kinda strangely with me. I texted and he replied late and after that he didnot contact at all. don't know what's going on. you guys have any idea ?


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  • If I had to move on like that after what had to have been an ardous 7 years and she comes out of the blue, married no less, attacking me and the girl who I was 'seriously forever' with, I'd kick her to the curb and block her. So if he is the kind of man who defends what he has, then he is probably just busy and you are overreading it.

    Of course if he is one of those "going to be alone forever but doesn't know it yet" type guys, well, anything goes. Due to family ties I've been forced to know a spineless coward who has been through 12+ girls over the last decade and this guy is the type who ends up crawling back and unable to stand up for anything he believes in. So if he is a loser like this guy, his behavior is probably first indicator of troubles to come.

    My advice? Watch and see how it unfolds. It is a nice opportunity for you to get to see whether he is a man or a loser.

    • i understand. yesterday I also told him about a separate issue where I was being disturbed by one of my colleagues. he mocked at it and said" ok..so you got a new boyfriend ". I messaged him twice after that. and after that I stopped. he too didn't contact me since then.

    • When there is blame, there is shame. For him to say that, he may have a thing (or just impure feelings) towards this girl.

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