Girl I'm in a relationship with rarely hangs out with me, but says she talks to me more than any of her friends?

Girl I'm in a relationship with hangs out with other guys often. We rarely hang out. Like, the only time we actually hang out is when we do things we've always done together (ie watch a TV show). We talk all the time though. She texts me when she wakes up, when she's at work. But it ends there. We Haven't been intimate for a while (and it sucks cause we used to do it frequently) I know her schedule pretty much, and she has guy friends she always hangs out with.

This is a long distant relationship, but I used to see her every weekend. We don't watch movies together, we don't play games together much anymore. Its pretty much all texting, and she tells me she loves me, but it doesn't feel like it.

Ive confronted her twice about this. The first time she told me that she's sorry, but in her last relationship she completely ignored her friends cause of her boyfriend and she doesn't want to do that again. I told her that I don't want to keep her from them, I want to meet them. The second time, I basically said that we never hang out. we just text or talk, and that she hangs out with a specific guy all the time and it makes me feel pretty much ignored. That it doesn't feel like were even together anymore, and she called crying thinking I hate her, saying she's sorry,and that she talks to me more than any of her friends. Then told me someone was calling her a whore (it was her ex) and that's why she's been distant.

But then next day, low and behold, she's hanging out with this guy again, and ignoring me to a point. I love this girl. I can see us geting married. But I don't want to kid myself and end up getting hurt in the long run

Am I wasting my time here? Advice thoroughly appreciated.


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  • How long have you been together? As relationships progress, you should be spending more time together, not less. I can understand not wanting to be separated from your friends, but it appears that is not your intention. Maybe her ex is calling her a whore because she's spending more time with other men than her 'boyfriend'. Either way, that's a lousy excuse for her treating you the way she is.

    Have you met any of her friends? If she's keeping you at a distance that's messed up. It probably means her 'guy friend' likes her as more than a friend and she doesn't want to make things awkward by introducing the two of you. If you've been together awhile and she still isn't introducing you to friends and family, that's a big red flag. If she's excited about you, and loves you, she should be thrilled to be introducing you to other people in your life.

    This doesn't sound like much of a relationship and I wouldn't deal. My last guy I dated for 6 months, the last month or so, he stopped calling me as much, didn't want to hang out as much. I called him out and said I thought it was bullsh*t and that I was a rebound for him. He denied it, but quit talking to me altogether, that was his way of breaking up with me.

    Low and behold, he contacted me four months later, I was already dating someone else (my now fiance) and he wanted to rekindle our relationship. What happened when he was ignoring me? He was having second guesses about things, was interested in another woman, and was still thinking about pursuing the ex! Not that he told me any of that, I learned it from a mutual friend and by him getting the ex pregnant shortly after this conversation.

    So, I was right all along! I turned him down of course, as I was dating a new man, and a couple weeks after that he got his ex pregnant. Listen to your intuition. I understand you love her, but if she can't give a little bit more, it would certainly not be unreasonable for you to end the relationship. Your very basic needs in the relationship aren't being met, that's not fair.


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