Can I get him back?

I met a guy four months ago through mutual friends. We almost immediately clicked. Both of us divorced our spouses a year ago. I have been pretty wild with partying, as he has been. We continued that together. I drink when I'm missing my children. He lost his only child a few years ago. We started out hot and heavy. Then some things I did, which I was in the wrong, made him label us as just dating. Over the next couple of months I screwed up more to the point he was saying we were just seeing each other. Two weeks ago he decided to end the relationship and be just friends. After my latest screw up I can see why because while I didn't cheat, what I did is just as bad. So now we're involved in a friends with benefits situation. My past few days without him have been HELL. I miss him. I have cut connections with the partying and I'm trying to better myself in hopes he sees I'm better than all of that. I'm in my late 20's and he's in his mid 40's. He says our sex is something he has missed and my company too. We sat down and talked. I know another girl is trying to talk to him and he's somewhat interested. But he hasn't made a move. He told me the old him is back. If I show him over time these changes are for good and play cool with the friends with benefits deal is there hope? I know I've hurt and disappointed him. He's very stubborn, so I can see why he's taking a step back. He has had commitment issues since losing his child. During the good times things were awesome. I kinda feel like a fool for taking this road with him, but I feel like he's worth the chance too.


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  • Unless the both of you are willing to stop all the "partying" it's hopeless. Trust me, I've been there. Relationships with heavy use of drugs/alcohol NEVER work out in the end. It may last a year or 2 or maybe even 10 but it always ends up the same. Hope it works out the way you want darlin.


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