Opinion on people who make excuses to break-up?

We are talking about excuse that supposedly have nothing to do with you. Are they cowards? Are they just trying to beak your heart? Should you feel bad or impressed because they couldn't face you and tell you the truth?


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  • I hate these type of people.They want to make it as its all your fault so that they easily can blame you.I have like two guys who did this to me.The funniest thing about it was actually I was the one who wanted to break up with them but they begged me saying they wish I will give our relationship a try.So I did and finally after a while they back off and left me without any rational reasons.I guess they just did it on purpose so that they can walk away saying "I left her"

    Some people have really weird egoistic superiority.

    • I hear you..lol I got the whole "we make sense' speech so I let may guard down and 2 weeks later..lol

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  • If you think about it, people make excuses so their ex doesn't feel like it was their fault. Imagine the difference between a breakup if the excuse was "I find you so annoying now" instead of "I want to be single for uni".

  • I did this to my girlfriend because I didn't want to straight up make fun of her or anything, I just said "I don't have enough time to date right now" but my real reason was that I found another girl who I was more interested in... I didn't try to break her heart I was just trying to end the relationship without making her feel like she wasn't good enough for me


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