Should I move in or wait until things are better?

My girlfriend wants me to move in with her and her daughter but the only problem is that I don't make enough money to cover not one single bill. She says I dosnt matter but I think it would be more of a burden if I moved in knowing thay I don't make enough to help out with the bills to make things easier. We have been fighting about thisa lot and she feels that Iif I was sserious I would just move in regardles. I want to wait until I get into a better fincial situation before I move so that she won't have to deal with that because its my part to take care of. I'm not sure if I'm right for standing firm on my idea and is she right for saying that we can work that out regardless?


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  • You shouldn't move into together if you have any reason why you wouldn't want to. She's trying to guilt you into moving in which will only cause you to resent her. I imagine after a few weeks she's going to start resenting you for not helping with bills. Stand strong until you can help with your half you shouldn't move in together.


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