If your ex cheats on his new boyfriend/girlfriend by getting back with you, would that mean...?

cheating you during that time you were together? Suppose your ex is now in a relationship and you make offering of yourself


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  • It's not a guarantee for sure that they were cheating before, when you and your ex were together, but it sure does say a lot against their character. No guarantees you were cheated on, but it can be chalked up to "Well I wouldn't put it past them" at that point. Don't know why you would WANT to cheat with your ex though. I mean, for one they're your ex, and for another, you're clearly just a fling - you're being used. I don't know why anyone would WANT that.

    • Well it brings me to my next point. Why does it seem everyone cheats? Especially men for me and for men it would be especially for women. Men are quick to say yes if an attractive woman offers sex to them. No matter if they are in a relationship or married.

    • I take some offense to that, because I am not a cheater, and I've been given some pretty crazy offers when I was in relationships. Seriously, some of them were like something from a Chris Rock monologue. I also take some offense to that because I've dated a lot of girls, and damn near all of them cheated on me. So yeah I take double offense to what you just said.

      Why do people cheat? Honestly I don't know. I always figured it was selfishness and greed. Wanting it all, and to "win" something.

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