Dating a guy, but his ex talked to him, I don't know where we stand?

So there's this guy and we have been dating each other for the past month, it was going really well and we clicked, we had a lot of fun. But a couple of days a go his ex talked to him (she cheated on him) and was apologizing and wanted to get back with him. Theyre not back together yet, he's unsure of his feelings, he said he's likes me but still has some feelings for her but not sure if theyre strong enough for him to get back with her. I want to talk to him cause I miss him and we had something good going...

What should I do? Should I give him some space.. or should I talk to him?


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  • Talk to him and let him know how you feel about the whole issue.

    You girl, don't over stress about it

    Keep going forward and have fun with him, enjoy the moment besides your beloved man, life passes fast to waste it, let him know you feel special about him

  • you should ask him


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