I'm looking for 2 books but don't know the author or title of either?

the first book is:

about this boy who just moved to town and he has either 2 or 3 brothers. his family owns a white water rafting place and the boy and his school visit there and a girl almost drowns. in the end the girl and the boy end up together after she finds out this big secret.

the second book is:

a girl gets a book sent to her by this evil girl who knew a deacon. after practising magic for a while, her new neighbor who just moved in with his granddad realising his mother was a witch also. so they practise together. the girls brother is eventually killed by this evil girl (who can take others shapes.) the evil girl is eventually found in the woods by the girl and her boyfriend and they have a magic fight. but the evil girl uses the body of her dead brother to fight against his own sister.

the evil girl is trying to kill all of the magic folk to use their bones in a potion so she can live forever.

the girls dad was killed by this evil girl, I think, after she transformed into someone else.

i know the descriptions aren't great but can you guys help?
i read these books in either late 2012 or early 2013
probably fantasy section


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  • How about we give us something a bit more to work with:

    What is the suspected age-group (or grade) of the books? What are their genres? When did YOU read them, what year ( find that using your own age ), and were they "old" or "new" then? They definitely don't sound like classics.

    • They are teen drama? Or adult novels? What section of Barnes and Noble ( or whatever your local bookstore would be ) can you find them?

    • There are too many options. You'd have to do better and give more details than this.

  • I think these are the books:

    Book #1: "Introductory Mathematical Analysis" (9th edition) by Ernest F. Haeussler, Jr. & Richard S. Paul :: Prentice Hall, publisher

    Book #2: "Newton's Telecom Dictionary" (17th edition) by Harry Newton :: CMP Books, publisher


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