If you caught you significant other cheating, which would upset you the most?

If you were to walk in on your significant other cheating;

Which of the following would be most upsetting?

  • Significant other giving oral
    Vote A
  • Significant other getting oral
    Vote B
  • Sex/penetration
    Vote C
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************If you're not going to answer the question with A, B or C, then don't answer it at all please. I don't care if you think they're "equal" or "cheating is cheating". That answers are irrelevant.*****************


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok yes, penetration is obviously a huge deal - but Id be WAY more upset if I walked in on her giving head to another guy - that is really really personal - soemtimes more so than just sex.

    • You gave the kind of answer I'm looking for. You stated what, then why and elaborated just slightly. Thank you. :)

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What Girls Said 15

  • A, B AND C! No, A is not more than C

    yes I read your update, and YES I am answering the question with alll your options! one is not less or more than the other.

    • obviously you didn't so I don't care about your answer

  • A. Significant other giving oral. I think of oral sex being a lot more personal and intimate than regular intercourse. Seeing my guy doing that to someone else would be the worst thing to see.

  • A. Giving oral to somebody is so personal and intimate, and it would bother me to see him doing it to someone else. I don't even want to think about it!

  • A

    I don't know why, but for some reason I find that more horrid than if I caught them having sex

    • Think maybe its because it feels more intimate when its happening to you and there he is perverting that?

    • I think your right!

    • I agree. I think it's the idea that someone else is towering over your S/O, and that they're trying to give the utmost pleasure to someone else.

  • C because it's more personal and has more feeling to it.

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What Guys Said 8

  • Honestly, even kissing would be enough. I without question or hesitation break up with anyone who cheats, at this point. Any form of cheating is viewed as equally heinous in my eyes. (Though I selected C)

    • Dude, don't go spamming everyone with the same message. It's a rulebreaker, it's bad form, and you know what? For some people, all three are equally bad. If you don't like that some people might have a difference of opinion from something you conceived, there's no reason to start yelling.

    • If all three are equally bad, then fine feel that way, but why are you answering THIS question? So you're not proving any real point to me... in any event, oddly I did not mean to post it on your comment. So, my bad on that.

    • They answer it because they are still expressing their opinion. Even if you don't agree with it, it still applies. It's kinda like they're pointing out something they feel you've missed. Next time, if there's possible room for "other" it might be better if you allowed for it. For example something like..

      Option D: Other - Please explain.

      No need to get so angry, sir.

  • You could say those answers are irrelevant, but this question is pretty irrelevant too because at all instant relationship killers...

    A for the record, because at that point its not about your SO getting his/her needs met at all. It's basically them saying that they would rather pleasure someone else other than you.

    • Omg dude really? I really don't care...at all. It's a website. People ask questions for all kinds of reasons. This doesn't reflect on me or have any real value or meaning. I was just...curious.

    • Really. I feel like you care, a lot. Don't ask a question and demand a particular answer. You posting some irrelevant question is just as valid as someone posting an irrelevant response. Time to grow up big guy :)

    • no now you are just projecting anyway your answer is relevant goodbye

  • I feel emotional cheating should be on here, although you probably don't care given the update. I would be more upset if they cheated emotionally rather than physically, because odds are I will marry a non virgin whore so one more guy doesn't matter.

  • They're all bad, but why give oral to someone you don't know?

    • stranger things have happened lol

  • penetration. I would snap.

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