My ex-boyfriend acts weird.

So my ex boy friend and I have broken up since two weeks. it's still a fresh wound and all but I'm getting over it step by step. My ex already has a new girlfriend and he doesn't want to talk to me because he thinks I'm still in love with him. I don't know what I feel but I don't think he's right. Okay, I miss him because he's a sweet guy and cheered me up every day. But first he was ignoring me and on a school trip he suddenly stroke my head. Everyone was asleep and since one of the bus drivers told him and some others to sit in a chair instead of sleping on the ground, he was sitting right behind me. (he's seat was taken) He didn't knew I was awake because I don't sleep well in a car or bus. I can't even sleep in a plane!

So he stroke my head, it was very sweet but I don't know why he did it. When we arrived at our school to go home after a whole week of no talking to me he stared at me while I was looking at the trees outside. I looked at him and he looked away.

During the trip we never talked and he often saw me laughing with friends (I need to get my mind off of him). every time I mentioned another guy he would look at me. One of my friends got a rose from a guy who fancied her during the trip. He wasn't from our school so he was pretty much a stranger. I squeeled along with the other girls because it was so cute! And even then my ex would look at me. He wants to stay with his current girlfriend but I don't understand why he stroke my head.

that friend who got the rose told me that he had tears in his eyes when answered her question. she asked: What do you think of D hanging out with L ? (L is a girl we don't like...) He replied with watery eyes: I don't want to talk about it.

My brother saw him laughing with a friend once durin lunch break at school. He asked him: "everything OK ?"

my ex replied with a small voice: "yeah..."

I don't get it... He ignores me and not my friends and family. Yet he looks at me when I mention other guys and he stroke my head (with a lot of affection). I even mentioned a complete stranger I found attractive and he looked at me.

Can someone help me ?

(my friend and I aren't sure about the tears in his eyes but it wasn't very windy or cold that day)

A friend told me the stroke on my head was actualy a kiss. I did some research about it and one girl got a kiss on her head too by her ex-bf. She knew it was a kiss and the guy probably didn't do it thinking his ex was asleep. He's avoiding all contact with me and I'm doing the same because I don't want to be the nagging ex-gf. I hope I'll get out of this confusing situation soon because I don't want to lose him as a friend. He's a really nice guy and he wanted to stay friends too...


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  • It's been 2 weeks miss teenage drama. Come back in 46 more days.

  • did you break up with him or did he break up with you

  • Maybe he's just a weird person


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