Kiss at the end of message from ex?

It was my birthday and my ex put a thoughtful post on my Facebook wall wishing me the best. He then sent me a private message telling me we should celebrate when I come back home (which is about 2 months from now...) he put X at the end of it, something I haven't seem him do in a message since we where together.

I broke up with him around 4 months ago, and since he's had a strained 'relationship' with me which has gone from telling me to never speak to him again on more than one occasion , to meeting up for lunch, and him telling me he misses me a few times via Facebook chat. What's your opinion on this? Cheers


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  • Sounds like he's trying to get back together or have the chance of getting back together with you... not specifically for having a kiss at the end of the message. More the fact he suggests you meet up and that he says he misses you, I mean I know guy who send kisses on messages to other guys so I'd really not read into any of that.


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  • What did he writed you?


    You dumb him or he dumb you?


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