Where has my ex-boyfriend disappeared to?

Now before any of you make me aware of how much of a stalker I am being...stop because I already know OK ha ha.

We broke up 4 months ago yada yada yada, and of course I'm still finding it difficult to get over him. Anyway we agreed to be friends because we were so close.

Now when we were together all my ex seemed to do was spend time on his phone either on twitter or Facebook or look at soccer results. He absolutely loved twitter (sad I know) and used to tell me about it all the time. Bit insulting when your spending time with your girlfriend, but that's another story.

Anyway he has now completely stopped going on twitter or Facebook, it is like he has vanished. I know he has a new girlfriend and I text him recently just to see how his new job is going and he ignored me even though he begged me to stay friends

Like I said, it is like he has vanished off the face of the earth.

He doesn't update either of them.

I'm just wondering to any of you who absolutely love spending time on these social networking sites, why you would suddenly desist from using them?

These are my thoughts:

1) His new girlfriend is that amazing he has realized he does not need to use these sites anymore.

2) He realized how sad he was being spending loads of time on them and decided to stop for a while.

3) He is just too busy with his new job.

4)He doesn't want a reminder of me anymore, and doesn't want to remind me about him ( it was a painful breakup).

What do you think? I know I am crazy you don't have to tell me, but I am just curious, because he is a vulnerable person and knowing him personally, I am a little worried about him. He was devoted to these things for years. He even sat with his mum and dad and they would all go on these sites religiously together. Weird.


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  • OMG ! , Have you got nothing else to do with your time , sexe . How about a hobby like " Man shopping " etc or maybe catch a movie like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show "etc Ma Cherie

    • Ha ha nah not really, you're right I do need to get a life. I'm working on it. But I'm stuck in a mental rut at the moment.

    • OMG ! , Thanks , Glad I'm not in a " Mental Rut " , Affectif xxx

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