Found naked pictures of his ex girlfriend's, twice?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for 8 months now. A rocky relationship but definitely worth it. In the first month of our relationship I found naked pictures of his ex girlfriend on his phone. However, he "officially" broke up with her only a month before he met me so I was able to be a lot more forgiving. I am a VERY insecure person though. So to this day it haunts me. He did say the reason he didn't delete them was because the jump from relationship to relationship was so fast AND he doesn't even look through his pictures. Which I can totally see. He doesn't spend much time on his phone. But it still sucks so he deleted them for me (and him, I guess). But today, I was on his computer looking for a certain picture of us, And I came across an old folder and of course, it had naked pictures of ANOTHER one of his ex's. I am completely torn apart because I cannot even compare to the girls he's dated. Maybe that's a problem of mine. And I can definitely work on it. And he's said that, again, he doesn't go through his pictures enough to even notice that they are there. For some reason I don't believe him though. Am I being too harsh? Should I give him the benefit of the doubt.. again? He said he's going to go through all his stuff and delete any of those kind of pictures because he doesn't want this to happen again. But shouldn't he have done that in the first place? I am so bewildered.


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  • No, he shouldn't have and, if I were he, I wouldn't. I still have pictures of my exes, but many of them I would never wen consider getting back together with them. It's really no different than looking at a Playboy. It's just a fantasy that he might indulge in from time to time. It doesn't mean that he's actually do it. And I've been honest on here about my indiscretions in my teens and early 20s, but this isn't really a problem—unless, of course, the pictures were taken after you started dating him.

    • Fantasies, I completely understand. They're merely visual & impersonal. I have my own as well. But isn't it a little different when those "fantasy" girls are girls that he's been with and apparently loved?

    • I can understand you're reasoning, but no. They broke up for a reason. As I said, I still have many pictures of my exes, and most of them I would never consider getting with again. The only reason for which you should worry is if any of the pictures were taken after you started dating him.

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  • If I went through my own computer, God knows what I'd find. I know for a fact there are pictures of at least two ex boyfriends somewhere in here. Have no idea where exactly, because I didn't open those folders in ages.

    Truth be told, those are normal pictures, with their clothes on, I only had naked pictures of one ex boyfriend, and I deleted them, but that was more of a "revolt" because the break up made me hurt, so I wanted to get rid of everything that was his, photos included.

    I understand you're not a fan of seeing such pictures of his ex girls, I know for sure I wouldn't be thrilled seeing such photos in my boyfriend's phone... But as an impartial observer, I can tell you this - if I were him, I'd only keep the photos if I didn't really care about the person in question anymore.

    If you still care about your ex even though it's definitely over and you're trying to move on, their photos would be a painful reminder of what is forever lost. I am pretty sure he only kept those photos because he totally forgot they were there, and he didn't care enough to even delete them. He obviously likes taking naked photos of his girlfriends, and that creates a large "collection" over time.


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